Manchester, We Love You.

I wasn't planning on writing today, to be honest, but the events of last night changed my mind. Last night, 22nd May 2017, a bomb exploded at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena. This has shocked me to the core, not only because bombs are scary and horrible, but a for a few other... Continue Reading →

Top Tips: Exam Stress

There are some things in life that are solid, concrete, aspects of knowledge. The world is not flat, putting metal in the microwave is bad, that kind of thing. One these solid pieces of knowledge is that exams are stressful. I, like a lot of people, seem to think that I am the only person... Continue Reading →

The Myths of Social Media

Like basically every single millennial, I have a lot of social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat... like so many others, I got sucked into a world of oversharing via the web. Don't get me wrong, I think social media is great- most of the time. I like the fact I can keep up with friends... Continue Reading →

My View: 13 Reasons Why

I wasn't a teenager that long ago, and I remember high school as though it was yesterday. I remember witnessing girls being called sluts, boys sending demeaning messages around about said girls, and so many school fights that I lost count half way through my first year. So maybe that's why 13 Reasons Why resonates... Continue Reading →

Why We Need To Stop Caring

In the past week I have realised something really quite huge: I care far too much. I spend so much of my time and energy focused on other people. I'm constantly wondering if the people around me are happy, wondering if they're doing okay, worrying if I'm annoying them or being too quiet... you get... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Women and Words

Yesterday, as I sat in my seminar for The Novel 1730-1840, a thought occurred to me. We were discussing Mary Wollstonecraft, and our tutor continuously labelled her as a 'female/woman writer'. Now at first, I didn't think anything was odd about that. His label was entirely correct; she was a woman, and she was a writer. But then I started thinking... in previous seminars, he hadn't labelled Horace Walpole as a 'male/man writer'. So why did gender only come into play when discussing female writers?

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