It’s The Generation of the Sluts… And I’m All For It

If somebody was to call me a slut or a whore or any other variation a few years ago, I would have been so offended. It would have hurt me, thinking that someone- usually a member of the opposite sex, in my experience- thought I was a slut.

But why?

Well, because when I was in school, the word ‘slut’ had a million connotations, and not a single one was positive. It was a word reserved for the most hated girls at school; the ones who wore too much makeup and had too many boyfriends… or, the ones who wore too little clothes and had too little boyfriends. Clearly, with these explanations in mind, it was a phrase to shame girls into feeling shitty for being aware of their bodies, or for letting other people be aware.

Lately though, I’ve been noticing a change. A subtle change, mind you, nothing too drastic. So subtle, in fact, that I don’t think men and boys have noticed yet.

Women all over social media are embracing the word ‘slut’, loving the term ‘whore’, and becoming positive about being called a ‘bitch’. Why? Because we’re finally aware of what these words were supposed to do.

Think back to when you were 15, 16, maybe even 17. Think of a time when you were called a slut, or a variation of the word. Who called you it, and why? I’m guessing that- like me- it was a boy who called you a slut, and it was for either: a) refusing to sleep with him b) offending him in some ridiculous way c) breaking up with him.

Now, before anyone calls me out, I’m not saying that all teenage boys call girls sluts; in fact, I like to think that I just came into contact with an unfortunate minority. But these words- slut, whore, slag, bitch; the list is endless- were designed with one intention: to shame the fuck out of girls.

And now, finally, women all over social media are proudly calling themselves bitches, sharing stories of sexual encounters that- to the irritating minority of men- would probably cause them to be labelled ‘sluts’, and are parading the fact that they love sex (because lets face it, who doesn’t?).

2016 was a shitty year, but lets make 2017 better. Let’s wear our sluttiness and bitchiness with pride, and laugh in the faces of anyone who tries to insult us. Let’s be strong, fearless women, lets be sluts and bitches and everything in between.

Lets be the type of women we want to be.


girl-with-all-the-words. x


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