The Myths of Social Media

Like basically every single millennial, I have a lot of social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat… like so many others, I got sucked into a world of oversharing via the web.

Don’t get me wrong, I think social media is great- most of the time. I like the fact I can keep up with friends I hardly see, with family members that are scattered across the country, and keep track of what’s happening in my friends lives. I like knowing what’s happening around the world before most newsrooms do; thanks to apps like Twitter, we can literally watch worldwide events take place, whilst going about our own day. So, yes, I do see the perks of social media.

But, like most things in life these days, there is a dark side to social media; especially in the case of Instagram, which makes it easy to manipulate and edit the pictures we share. Instagram has become a breeding ground for narcissism; people spend hours taking selfies, before choosing one and painstakingly editing it before uploading. And whilst its lovely to see our friends- or, complete strangers in the shape of celebrities- looking beautiful and flawless, it isn’t real.

Walk into your nearest Starbucks, and I can guarantee at least three people will be sitting there arranging their food and/or drinks to create the perfect picture for Instagram. You know the kind I’m talking about; perfectly swirled latte next to a croissant on a white, crumb-less plate.

Nobody’s coffee looks this perfect- nobody’s!

Or go into a cocktail bar, and you’ll see a table of girls taking endless boomerangs of their drinks, which will surely be captioned with something along the lines of ‘cocktails with my best friends!’ despite the fact that they have barely said two words to each other since sitting down.Social media allows us to become whoever we want to be; and that’s great, to an extent. But our profiles should be a reflection of ourselves, not the people we want to be. I’m not saying that we should air all our dirty laundry on Facebook (nobody wants to know that you’ve split up with your boyfriend for the millionth time this month, Carol.) or that we should post pictures of ourselves that we hate on Instagram, but maybe we should all try a be a bit more real. Because in all honesty, I’m exhausted from seeing the same forced, edited, or just completely fake images on my newsfeeds.

Its all about self-love guys; who cares what other people thing? If they don’t like you for you, they can tap the handy little ‘unfollow’ button, and never have to see you again.




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